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Books and Translations


Places of Permanent Shade (poems) Accents Publishing, 2022 

The Briar Patch (poems) Hobblebush Books: 2012

Metes and Bounds (poems) Accents Publishing: 2010

The Old Testament (poems) Cold Hub Press: 2010

Mappemonde (poems) Oyster River Press: 2001



Sixty Years, translation of poems by Mikhail Yeryomin, Black Widow Press: 2022

Paper-thin Skin (translation of poems by Aigerim Tazhi) Zephyr Press: 2019

I Have Invented Nothing (translation of poems by Jean-Pierre Rosnay) Black Widow Press: 2018

Muddy River (translation of poems by Sergey Stratanovsky) Carcanet Press: 2016

Thirty-nine Rooms (translation of a poem by Nikolai Baitov) Cold Hub Press: 2015

Selected Poems 1957-2004 (translation of poems by Mikhail Yeryomin) White Pine Press: 2014

Psalms 1965-1966 (translation of poems by Genrikh Sapgir) Cold Hub Press: 2012

Live by Fire (translation of poems by Aleksey Porvin) Cold Hub Press: 2011

An Offshoot of Sense (translation of poems by Tatiana Shcherbina) Cold Hub Press: 2011

Level with Us (translation of poems by Mikhail Aizenberg) Cold Hub Press: 2011

Corinthian Copper (translation of poems by Regina Derieva) Marick Press: 2010

Secret Wars (translation of poems by Jean-Pierre Rosnay) Cold Hub Press: 2010

When a Poet Sees a Chestnut Tree (translation of poems by Jean-Pierre Rosnay) Green Integer Press: 2009

Contemporary Russian Poetry (translations editor) Dalkey Archive Press: 2008

Say Thank You (translation of poems by Mikhail Aizenberg) Zephyr Press: 2007

Less Than a Meter (translation of poems by Mikhail Aizenberg) Ugly Duckling Presse: 2004

The Score of the Game (translation of poems by Tatiana Shcherbina) Zephyr Press: 2003

In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era (editor) Zephyr Press: 1999


Winter Journey (translation of poems by Alicia Aza) Červená Barva Press: 2020, 

Reading the Infinite: Jewish Poetry from Mexico (translation of poems by Jessy Asse Chayo) Pendulum Press: 2020

Architecture of Silence (translation of poems by Alicia Aza) Valparaíso U.S.A: 2018

A Voice Among the Multitudes: Jewish Poets from Latin America, Northeastern University Libraries: 2011 

Las Edades / The Ages (translation of poems by Ricardo Feierstein) Colleción Poesía: 2004

Self-Portraits and Masks (translation of poems by Isaac Goldemberg) Cross-Cultural Communications: 2002

We, the Generation in the Wilderness (translation of poems by Ricardo Feierstein*) Ford-Brown Press: 1989

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